The Big Sound’s Summer Music Camp was a perfect fit for our daughter. The camp leaders thoughtfully delivered a great program that nurtured our daughter’s love for music. She’s still singing the songs she was taught and organizing “music shows” at home to entertain her family. It was a highlight of our summer, and we are so lucky to have The Big Sound in our community.

– Tara, parent of 2022 Big Sound Camper

I was hoping I could give a big thank-you through you to all of the adults involved in putting on the music camp last week. I was so impressed with how many things the children had learned during that time – they covered a lot of ground! So much they had to remember. Thank you all for the hard work you and the others did. I hope it was also as much fun for all of you as it was for our child.

– Linda, parent of 2022 Big Sound Camper

I made 12 new friends and I didn’t get bullied once!

– Summer 2022 Big Sound Camper