Running an after school music program for children can be an exercise is patience and determination, especially when we ask the children to show up ready to do their best each day.

At The Big Sound, we know that what our “best” looks like changes minute to minute, and part of what we are trying to teach through our music education is self awareness. Knowing what our limits are and how much we have to give is an incredible tool for all people.

Giving our kids the chance to reflect on what they can offer the group at any given time allows them to both be valued as an individual with varied needs, and as a part of the group. Showing up messy and frazzled is part of life, and finding ways to engage that doesn’t disrupt or negatively impact others is a life skill.

Doing our best might look like:

Asking for what we need

Encouraging others

Giving positive feedback to self and others

Learning to play

To practice what is being taught

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