The Music and Movement snack program is supported by the talented chefs at the OSDSS culinary program and we are so grateful! Snack time is an important and fun part of each day and Tuesday was no exception!

One of our dedicated program volunteers shared this story with us, read on for a smile 🙂

When I put the food out the kids line up dutifully and wash their hands. 

I usually tell them what is on offer and they take what they’d like.  

Yesterday I pointed out that we had wraps, and apple sauce with mango, blueberries, & cinnamon plus two with mystery flavours.

I figured that they would take a pass on the mystery cups until there was nothing left, but alas I was wrong.  

Not only were they quickly snapped up, I had kids returning who had chosen to eat their wrap first, asking for the mystery flavour.  

They loved them, whatever they were!

Embrace the mystery- you never know where it might lead you!