Discussions directed at forming a Sistema-inspired organization in Owen Sound/Bruce/Grey began in September 2012.  Since that time, numerous people have contributed to the development of the program that is about to begin at Hillcrest Elementary School in Owen Sound.  Of particular note are:

  • Richard Mascall who introduced us to the Sistema movement and inspired us to adapt its philosophy in Grey & Bruce counties;
  • Kelly Graham, who navigated us through the often complicated waters of incorporation, By-laws, and obtaining our charitable status;
  • Clark Bryan, David Visintin and Christie Grey, and Ken McLeod at the Sistemas in London, Toronto, and New Brunswick who graciously shared their knowledge, experiences, and materials in establishing and operating a Sistema program;
  • Trevor and Lis Falk who posed many of the questions that one needs to ask when embarking on a task such as this;
  • Linda Hawkins whose kind and gentle wisdom kept us inspired over the years;
  • Susan Sankey and Staci Marck who brought an educator’s perspective to the table;
  • Jed Phillips for our brochure;
  • Terry Welton and Nathan Eyre for not only their help, but their guidance in the technical aspects of making this website a reality; and
  • Scott and Ruth Lovell for helping us finish the marathon.