From Pause to Play

The Big Sound is pleased to announce that “From Pause to Play” our virtual/online program has begun.  Students from Hillcrest and Alexandra Schools stopped by our new digs at The Harmony Centre today to pick up their instrument, or in the case of beginners, their egg cartons!!  We still have a few spaces so get in touch if you have a child is interested.

If making a difference is important to you, we ask that you include The Big Sound in your charitable giving plan for 2021.

The Big Sound is a free, inclusive after school program that inspires children and youth to achieve their full potential through music.  Children learn how to sing and play an instrument in an ensemble – experiencing the joy of making music together.

By supporting The Big Sound, you become a member of a growing global movement that profoundly improves the lives of our children and youth, building well rounded, responsible, caring citizens for generations to come.  Since we extend no monetary costs to participants and their families, our success is totally reliant upon the community’s support.

If you can’t make a donation but would like to support The Big Sound, please share this post with your friends, family and coworkers.  With more people aware of this vital community initiative, we’ll be one step closer to reaching our goal.

In-School – During-School Program Back up and Running

We’re very happy to announce that our Ontario Trillium Foundation funded In-School-During-School Music and Movement Program has recommenced at Hillcrest Elementary School.  Although the program is now delivered virtually, the students are able to participate once again.  Each classroom has been provided with a tote containing enough Orff instruments (e.g. Sand Blocks, Spoons, Castanets, Shaker Eggs, Maracas, Jingle Bells) to provide one for each student.

A Big Sound shout out to Kevin Wilson, Principal at Hillcrest for helping to make this happen!!