Support Us

The Big Sound is a charitable organization that depends wholly on the generosity of our donors and supporters.  Our donors currently include corporations, foundations, and individuals.  We believe in the importance of strong communities and have therefore reached out to many other groups and organizations with a similar focus for their advice and support.  In many cases, music is a common interest so we take great pride in working with these community leaders.

We appreciate the generosity of all our supporters!  The work that our students do each day would not be possible without their shared commitment to our vision, and a belief in the importance of our work.

A gift to The Big Sound will transform the life of a child. Here’s what your donation will buy:

$3500 – the cost for one child for an entire year

$2000 – instruments for a trio: violin, viola, and cello

$1000 – one cello

$500 – one violin or viola

$250 – sheet music for the children

$100 – strings for four violins

$192– a healthy snack for one child every day during the school year