Sneak peek into our program: following directions

Understanding what the parameters are can be helpful in understanding the “why” behind what is being asked. Unclear expectations can lead to disappointment and challenges.

If you ask a child to be quiet and sit down so the group can begin, but they don’t feel a part of that group, the challenge is set.

If you ask a child to be quiet and sit down so the group can begin, but they don’t know what to expect, the challenge is set.

If you ask a child to sit down and be quiet so the group can begin and they feel a sense of belonging to the group because of previous efforts to ensure belonging, and they know what comes next because expectations have been clear, you will still face challenge but you will likely get to move forward so the group can begin.

In our after school music program, we understand that there are so many invisible bags the children bring with them that impact how they are able to show up. By creating a container that is safe and fun, where the expectations are clear, we have found that kids are quick to find ways to leave those bags at the door, knowing they are valued and belong at The Big Sound.

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Sneak peek into our program: doing our best

Running an after school music program for children can be an exercise is patience and determination, especially when we ask the children to show up ready to do their best each day.

At The Big Sound, we know that what our “best” looks like changes minute to minute, and part of what we are trying to teach through our music education is self awareness. Knowing what our limits are and how much we have to give is an incredible tool for all people.

Giving our kids the chance to reflect on what they can offer the group at any given time allows them to both be valued as an individual with varied needs, and as a part of the group. Showing up messy and frazzled is part of life, and finding ways to engage that doesn’t disrupt or negatively impact others is a life skill.

Doing our best might look like:

Asking for what we need

Encouraging others

Giving positive feedback to self and others

Learning to play

To practice what is being taught

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Sneak peek into our program: Listening

Learning to listen is not an easy task in a world filled with distractions. At The Big Sound, learning to listen to each other AND to musical education are equally important.

Engaging children in listening is a topic covered in many jokes about teaching, and for many of us, we have had an experience of not being listened to and know what the impact can feel like.

Building blocks of listening

Think about what is being said

Stay on topic

Wait to share

Face the speaker

Listen quietly

The Big Sound after school music program approaches listening with an open heart (and ear!), modelling by example. To learn more about our program, please reach out to us by email at

Music unites us.

Music binds people together in a spirit of cooperation and peace. Think about a time in your life where you shared a musical experience with others, perhaps a local concert by the water or on a car trip with a friend. Music has a way of bringing us together, pushing some of the barriers we create to separate ourselves, aside.

Our after school music program is an opportunity for expansion, for each child individually, and for the group as a whole. Bringing children together with the intention of growth, cooperation, and positive social change through the magic of music, is what The Big Sound’s program is all about.

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Music for all, always.

In our after school music program, all barriers to music education are removed, meaning that The Big Sound strives to ensure that our program can be utilized by any student, regardless of physical or cognitive abilities, financial barriers, or other road blocks that can get in the way of a child participating.

We work hard to ensure that our programs are a reflection of our mission and vision.

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of children and youth by teaching them the global language of music. Through musicianship, inspire them to achieve their full potential and acquire values, skills, and knowledge that will help them pursue excellence and thus foster social change in the community.

We envision contributing to social change by providing children and youth with a positive, safe, and healthy activity 3-4 times a week that fosters their creativity and nurtures their potential.  During these sessions, participants will be taught music, how to play an instrument and perform in an orchestra and choir.  Through these activities, they will be inspired to achieve their full potential, increase their self-esteem, improve the probability that they will graduate high school, go on to college or university or to satisfying jobs, and grow up to become valued and engaged members of our community.