Musical Moments

Our Music and Movement program is well underway at Hillcrest School. Our students have been exploring the world of music with many different tools.

Boomwhackers and xylophones are the big favourites right now! There are so many different ways the kids can explore music with their peers.

Music education outside of school hours is a magical thing, and the Big Sound is proud to offer this opportunity in our local community.

If you would like to be part of this musical magic, please reach out at We are on the lookout for volunteers and teaching artists to help us bring music to more Grey Bruce kids.

Snack Time Lessons for Grown Ups

The Music and Movement snack program is supported by the talented chefs at the OSDSS culinary program and we are so grateful! Snack time is an important and fun part of each day and Tuesday was no exception!

One of our dedicated program volunteers shared this story with us, read on for a smile 🙂

When I put the food out the kids line up dutifully and wash their hands. 

I usually tell them what is on offer and they take what they’d like.  

Yesterday I pointed out that we had wraps, and apple sauce with mango, blueberries, & cinnamon plus two with mystery flavours.

I figured that they would take a pass on the mystery cups until there was nothing left, but alas I was wrong.  

Not only were they quickly snapped up, I had kids returning who had chosen to eat their wrap first, asking for the mystery flavour.  

They loved them, whatever they were!

Embrace the mystery- you never know where it might lead you!

Volunteers Needed

The Big Sound needs YOU!

We are looking for folks to support our after school music program! Do you have an interest in working with children, having fun, and promoting leadership and social change? We would love to hear from you.

This opportunity is well suited to a variety of individuals, including high school students. To learn more, please reach out to us at or view our page on Volunteer Success.

Music: A Tool for Social Change

Social change is a phrase that gets thrown around often these days, and for many of us it can be an in one ear out the other situation because what does social change MEAN?

To hear one answer to this complex and fluid question, find a comfortable place to rest and spend a few moments listening from José Antonio Abreu, the founder and philosopher behind El Sistema.

If you’ve ever wondered where The Big Sound came from, this is a must watch. Every single person deserves to belong and be treated with respect, and children in Grey Bruce Owen Sound are no different. This is our why here at The Big Sound!

A word to the tender hearts out there, grab a tissue because he definitely can play the heart strings!

Paige Warner is rocking it!

The Big Sound’s Youth Open Mic Night in December was a HUGE success, in large part to our incredible host/local musician extraordinaire, Paige Warner.

Paige was recently featured in Rrampt magazine, and we are so proud of her success- very well deserved! Check out the article, and give Paige a like on IG @paigewarnermusic

Rock on Paige!

Rrampt Article from December 2022

Happy Holidays

Wishing you a gentle and restful holiday season. May it be filled with music that brings you joy and people that warm your heart.

With glad tidings, from all the folks at The Big Sound

Congratulations to Sistema New Brunswick!

Big news from the maritimes- Sistema New Brunswick has received a boost from the NB government, to the tune of $8.2M!

The Sistema New Brunswick program started with one teacher and 50 children learning to play violin 11 years ago, and now has programs all over the province serving over 1,100 students in their after school music program 5 days a week.

Ken MacLeod, founder of the Sistema New Brunswick program, says he is grateful in the government’s trust in Sistema’s vision, and goes on to say [Music education] “This is not an expense, this is an investment in the lives of our children and in the future of our province.”

An inspiration to all of us here in Grey Bruce!

Read the CBC Story here.

Youth Open Mic Night #1

We had a great turn out for our first open mic night at the Library on Thursday November 10. Folks from the Youth Social Justice Group shared their mission and vision, Josh Ritchie was our gracious MC and resident musician and pizza finally arrived 🙂

Feedback from participants and their adults was overwhelmingly positive, and being in community with others while sharing some fun, friendship, and music made for great evening.

The Big Sound in partnership with the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library will be hosting more Open Mic Nights through the June 2023 on a monthly basis. Open to youth 13-17, to share their musical interests and talents, and create a space to dig into the incredible social justice and change work happening locally here in Grey Bruce Counties.

There is no cost to participants, and dinner is served. Adults connected to the youth participants are welcome though not required. Join us next month to learn more! We will be hosting Open Mic #2 on Thursday December 1 from 5:30-7:30pm. Registration is not required.