The following policies guide El Sistema Grey Bruce (The Big Sound) in its activities.

You are welcome to use these policies if you wish.  We only ask that you acknowledge El Sistema Grey Bruce (The Big Sound) as the source.

Abuse Prevention Policy August 2018

Board of Directors Governance Policy Nov 4 2019

Complaint Policy March 2018

Conflict of Interest Policy November 2019

Criminal Background Check (Vulnerable Sector) Policy March 2018

Employee Inclement Weather Policy April 2019

Employee Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy December 2022

Ethical Standards for Program Personnel April 2018

Financial Records Administration and Retention Policy November 2018

Financial Policy December 2019

Hand Washing Guideline April 2018

Instrument Lending Policy September 2018

Occupational Health and Safety Policy September 2018

PIPEDA Compliance Policy April 2018

Privacy Policy March 2018

Program Enrollment Guidelines September 2018

Risk Management Policy November 2019

Appendix A Risk Assessment Tool November 2019

Social Media Policy April 2018

Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy March 2018