How many sounds can you make with a violin?

It’s quite amazing, actually, when one considers that they include:  “the waterfall,” “the screechy tomato,” “the bow bounce, “the Darkness,” and “the whispering butterfly!”

Oscar’s Composition

We are ever so grateful to Oscar for sharing his composition, Spring Song, with us.  21 weeks in and he is composing already!! Way to go Oscar!!!!

Make A Big Noise

In case anyone still needs convincing as to the positive benefits of Sistema-inspired programs:

The latest independent study of Scotland’s Big Noise programme, titled People change lives: consolidating five years of evaluation learning from Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise centres in Stirling, Glasgow and Aberdeen, has been carried out by Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH).

The research draws upon five years of rigorous research to define a range of important impacts that participation in Big Noise has on children and young people.

The independent study defined the following important impacts that participation in Big Noise has on children and young people:

  • increased confidence, discipline, pride, and aspiration
  • improved team-working, communication, and leadership
  • enhanced academic skills including listening, concentration, and creativity
  • increased resilience, happiness, sense of belonging and fulfilment
  • strong musical skills development
  • uptake of physical activity and healthy eating, avoidance of damaging behaviours
  • development of positive social groups, peer relationships and cultural engagement

To see the full report follow this link:


Here is an amazing opportunity for like-minded organizations!


Up To $25,000 In Instruments Early Application Deadline – March 22, 2019

APPLY NOW Applications are now open for the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program, and community organizations may apply to receive up to $25,000 in musical instruments and equipment!

Applications are open to non-profit organizations, and the music program may be new or existing. To find out more including application criteria, eligibility requirements, and how to apply please visit the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program page at

Applications are open until April 18, 2019. Early Bird Application Deadline – March 22: Any organization that applies by the early application deadline of March 22, 2019 will have a chance to receive a SHURE MV5 USB microphone ($100 value) or a $75 gift card for the instrument retailer of their choice. There are fifteen total prizes. Learn more, and APPLY NOW. Please contact with any questions.


Meadow’s Paper Violin

“I think music is common and more people should do it because if people have stress, playing violins makes it better.”

Madison (Meadow)